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Booked and Loaded

Books Musings

Before clothes invaded my closet, books occupied most of the space in my room. There were books everywhere - from the floor, drawers, vanity table, shelves, coffee table, and even in the bathroom. I once considered renting a room solely for books. I felt they needed an environment where they can breathe and relax. I later found out that this was just an excuse for me to build a library for myself.

I try to shuffle the books on my nightstand as much as possible. Lately I’ve become an impatient reader. I jump from one book to another. I blame my titles because majority of them are business related but from time to time I switch to fiction just to give my brain a little break.

So this is how my nightstand looks right now:

From top to bottom: Chic by Daphne Paez, Junk Style by Melanie Molesworth, Dressmaking for Real Women by Lorna KnightDo/Purpose by David Hieatt, The Career Code by Hillary Kerr & Katherine Power, Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen, and Wearing Vintage by Catherine Barday.

For some reason, reading is more exciting when I'm about to go to bed - which of course is sometimes a bad idea. Hi baggy eyes!

Also, here's a peek of what my stack looks like in my little work corner:

From top to bottom: The Game by Neil Strauss, Draw What You See! by Peng Hu, Stylish Remakes by Violette Room, Junk Style by Melanie Molesworth (again!), and a few back issues of Vanity Fair and The New Yorker.

Junk Style is a current favorite. It's mostly about second-hand objects and how it can be given a new life with the right styling. More on this in a separate post!

Some of these I found in local bookstores and some I unearthed in second hand bookstores (ultimate favorite!!!).

How does your nightstand look like? Let me know and keep reading!


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