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When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to get a job so I have reason to wear heels. Hollywood movies are often flooded with career women clad in designer stilettos and still look like they could run a marathon. I had been under the impression that only working women have the right to dress up or wear any type of shoes they like. I couldn’t wait to grow up because I couldn’t wait to dress up.

Fast-forward to when I actually have work and experienced wearing heels for myself. It’s not that I don’t like it; it’s just that they are completely uncomfortable. I can say that some shoes should remain in your closet. I’ve tried working with 3-inch heels (any higher is a disaster) but I ended up with blisters on my feet and safe to say, a childhood dream ruined. I can only thank all the sneaker companies out there for creating footwear that does not make you want to walk home barefoot.

I’ve traded my heels for sneakers a long time ago. It may have something to do with aging, too. When you get older, you'd always prefer what’s comfortable. I applaud women who can wear sky-high heels and still get the job done. I certainly can’t.

My favorite thing now is pairing my dresses with anything but heels. It can be from simple flats to sandals to sneakers. It makes me feel put-together without the agony of wearing heels.
Paired my red sneaks with our Sole maxi dress. Quite surprised that mocha and red make a good combination but it's a look I'm definitely willing to try again.
No surprise that white sneaks and a black dress go great together.
Worn out chucks is still my go-to pair when I'm scrambling for time. Thankfully, white goes with pretty much everything - including this reversible dress.
Before white sneakers became the trend, black chucks was my ultimate favorite. It's the footwear I trusted since high school and continue to do so, even if I've traded my jeans for dresses.
Recently discovered the joy of wearing slip-on sneakers. I wasn't sure if I can pull it off but the comfort of wearing it got the best of me. I'm now a proud owner of one and paired it with this lemon maxi dress, too. I have no regrets.
Shoes are imperative for first impressions and it says a lot about us, too. But for the meantime, it’s definitely sneakers over heels for me.
What's your favorite pair?

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