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Vintage and Basics


If I had a time machine I would travel to the 1950s and bask in the brilliance of an era where waistlines, sack dresses, and Coco Chanel are reborn.

The 1950s were considered the transition period of fashion. During this time, the industry saw many new styles such as brooches, shapeless overcoats, ankle-length dresses, and tailored dresses. It was only after World War II that people started to explore options on style and dressing without the need to conform to a look for certain occasions.

Dior Tailored Dress, 1950

Balenciaga Shapeless Coat, 1952

What I like most about the 50s are the high waist skirts and shapeless dresses. I always buy clothes twice my size. My penchant for pieces with room for movement is never-ending. If I had to choose between a ball gown and a shift dress for an event, I will pick the latter. Any dress that bypasses the waist is a win to me.

A skirt, however, is a different subject. I know jeans will never go out of style and it’s a closet staple forever but I loathe trying them on. It’s hard to find one that fits perfectly. I remember heading out once to solely score a good pair; I dedicated an entire day to shop for jeans, which back then was a whole new experience for me. I ended up frustrated and I think I may have cried a bit, too.

Skirts don’t do that. They don’t make you bawl inside fitting room #4 because you can't get clothes past your hip. They just slide perfectly. If you’re a fan of pleated or full skirts, you’re extra lucky! All you need to know is the exact number of your waistline and you’re good to go. No crying or going home frustrated, just happy and delighted.

Primavera Polka Midi Skirt
This print and color is a particular favorite. Polka dot and stripes are actually my closet staples.

Primavera Geo Midi Skirt
Print on print can be tricky but based on experience, stripes and abstract patterns absolutely go with anything.

Quantum 2-in-1 Dress
Navy is my color next to black. It's just as elegant and perfect for any ocassion. Also, I really am a huge fan of shapeless dresses. I find it more flattering than fitted ones.

Minute T-Shirt Dress
Sometimes I don't have ample time to get dressed and this piece saved me more times than I could count. Confession: this dress is always in my hamper. Every. Week. No kidding.

A relaxed look is what I constantly aim for. It’s what works for my closet, my budget, and me. It’s tried. It’s tested. It’s dependable.

I have the 1950s to thank for introducing me to silhouttes I never knew possible.

How about you? What fashion era is your favorite?


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